To all Social Cloud Suite users :
First and foremost, we know you are frustrated with the issues the service has had recently – as a product that has enjoyed solid performance and uptime for our customers over the last 2 years, we know many of you rely on this to augment your original content in your social feeds.

Secondly, to let you know what the core of the issue is. Unfortunately, we had a number of customers who, in the eyes of Facebook and their terms of service in using this social network, were abusive or not in compliance with terms of service. This could be either

– in number of posts per day per account – where a good metric for effective performance is in the very low double digits per day, we had some users posting into the four digits per day.

– in content – some posting inappropriate content – content that does not meet Facebook’s standards – could be pornography, violence, fake news.

– in external links – directing people to inappropriate content such as the types of content listed above.

Third, many have questioned why there are issues in sharing from sites that have an SSL link. Our technology, or any other vendors who provides a service like this is framing content, which is a practice that is legal and has been upheld in numerous court cases. However, the limitations are in the technology where a secure connection to the original content cannot be provided within the confines of this frame, so it will not display properly. This has never been a claim that any and all content can be displayed – some will use a frame-busting technology and SSL’s. We do not see that changing.

Finally, what are we doing to address the issue? We are working diligently to get this remedied, but we are having to go through and remove accounts that are abusive and get our permissions reestablished with Facebook once they determine this has been remedied to their satisfaction. We hope to communicate with all of our users via email this week as to the plan of action and next steps.

We value our user community and appreciate the frustration. We will have responses to you via email in the upcoming days.